So in typical “ME” style, I wrote this in December 2016 and it is now mid-way through February 2017 and I am just posting it……  I am just going to leave it as is, even… View Post

Prologue to Adoption: What does infertility look like? If you have seen any photos of our family, it is quite obvious we have adopted.  I’ve been meaning to chronicle Mia’s story to our family in… View Post

So, anyone who knows us personally, might already know this, but things aren’t official until they exist in the digital world right…… My Thinking About Thursdays Post this week I am happy, excited, nervous, etc.,… View Post

Today was the first day of the October school holidays.  New Zealand has a very different school-year schedule than what I grew up with in the Northern Hemisphere.  Our school year begins the first week… View Post