Go Green Lunchbox Review


School lunch packing can bring an internal sigh to many parents.  It is representative of the school year slog: every morning, packing lunch, what to pack, what to pack it in.  We have tried a few different lunch boxes over the years, seriously starting with a fishing tackle box for morning tea when Oliver was at Playcentre.  I tried the YUMBOX for a while last year, but ended up going back to the fishing box because Oliver couldn’t latch it back up properly and regularly complained about the box to me.

When we were at my sister-in-laws house in January after we adopted Miss Mia (we were stuck in the USA for 4-weeks waiting for Mia’s New Zealand visa) I saw that she used the Go Green Box.  First I was intrigued by the design, leak-proof is important, but also size (I found the YUMBOX was too small, I couldn’t put enough food in it for an entire day for a 6-year old boy), plus my sister-in-law has 4 kids and used them everyday, and spoke very highly of them.  I was sold.  I walked straight over to the computer and ordered the Go Green Lunch Box on Amazon.

One thing I don’t like about many product reviews that I see it that people review them right after getting them, usually as a sponsored post, but it takes time to figure out what you really like and don’t like about a product.  We have been using the Go Green Lunch Box for 9-months so far and are very pleased with it.

Things I like:

– The lid latches to the base so that it doesn’t get lost.

– The variety of sizes of compartments for food.

– Insulated case.

– Comes with a drink bottle (we actually don’t use it though because Oliver has a drink bottle and we need the space for more food)

– Space to write a note to your kiddo.

– Easy to clean.  All the silicone bands in the lid can be removed for thorough cleaning.

– Lid latches closed = leakproof.

– Can fit a lot of food (when used without the drink bottle).

– My complaints are minor: the insulated freezer pouch got a hole in it and we had to throw it away.  And, the case pattern choices  are a bit narrow, and not to our tastes.  We chose the skulls, but I wish they came in more neutral, minimalist, stylish patterns.

Since adopting Mia from The Marshall Islands nearly a year ago I have been trying to find ways to reduce our family’s waste and rubbish impact on the world and the Go Green Lunchbox helps us fulfill that goal, we don’t use any plastic or paper bags, just the Go Green Lunchbox.  If you are looking for a new lunchbox for a school-aged child I can definitely recommend the Go Green Lunchbox.

Go-Green-Lunchbox-Review-Topview Go-Green-Lunchbox-Review Go-Green-Lunchbox-Review Go-Green-Lunchbox-Review-case Go-Green-Lunchbox-Review-note Go-Green-Lunchbox-Review-packed

What lunchbox do you use for your kids?  Leave a comment below to tell us what you love.

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