Life with Miss Mia

We’ve had a pretty chill weekend so far.  Movie night on Friday night, the Boys watched Star Trek, I tried to ignore them.  Saturday morning I covered a Yin Yoga class, actually a class that I used to teach for three-years before Mia came to us, and then I even got to attend Vinyasa myself after teaching.  Man my body CRAVES movement.  I haven’t had enough of it since having Mia.  The rest of the afternoon was just household stuff, Clarke ironing a million-and-one work shirts (he patted himself on the back when he was done saying, “Aren’t I such a domesticated husband?”  I countered with, “No, you are being a responsible man.  You wearing those shirts to work has nothing to do with being a husband.  Sorry Dude.”), and I just sat around on the ground entertaining Miss Mia.  I’ll pretend like we weren’t bad parents and let Oliver have way too much iPad time…..

But back to what I really wanted to talk about…..  Miss Mia.


Man I LOVE that Girl.  It is actually quite overwhelming at moments.

We went out to dinner at a super-yummy Chinese place called Art Wok (this is saying something because I honestly don’t eat Chinese food outside of China because I am pretty picky).  It was perfect, we got there just as they opened at 5:30 and had the place to ourselves before the big dinner rush hit.  I was holding Miss Mimi on my lap, nuzzling into her luscious black curls and was just hit with a wave of love, honestly just like a huge rip curl, crashing over me.  Hot tears sprang to the corners of my eyes as I just held her close and took in her sweetness.  She was an angel baby the rest of the meal.  Happily sitting in the high chair, beating a little spoon on the tray, eating little bits of dumpling, and wowing the wait staff with her smiles.

Oh, and Clarke and I had a super-proud adoptive-parent moment at dinner too.  This could be a whole other post, but being a “conspicuous family” we definitely get curious looks and sometimes comments.  Most of the staff were just super friendly and treated us like any other family, but one server who had come by a few times was talking to Mia, and to us, and was basically saying, “Is she yours?” but in a really awkward way, and we just left it hanging there.  Sometimes we fall into the oversharing mode, wanting to satisfy everyone’s curiosity and explain too much.  But a while ago Clarke and I had a chat about being more intuitive to what the situation needs, and mostly it doesn’t need any explaining.  She is our daughter.  The.  End.  We gave each other a high-five afterwards for just letting the moment be awkward and letting it pass.

Art-Wok dumplings IMG_9697 Art-Wok-Detail

After dinner we went on a little Pokemon adventure down Takapuna Beach, and back up Hurstemere.  Miss Mi was over-tired at this point and we had to keep moving to keep her from losing it.  She ended up falling asleep in the car on the way home.  We just brought the car seat in and put it in her room and let her sleep until she woke at about 9:00.

Nighttime-Pokeman-Hunting Takapuna-Beach-At-Night

I changed her and fed her and she fell asleep again in my arms as soon as she finished her bottle, which isn’t common for her.  I popped her up on my shoulder to try and get a burp out, but she was too tired.  She tucked her little face into the crook of my neck, and we stood there, she and I, cheek-to-cheek, swaying back and forth, and I just drank in her loveliness.  It was one of those moments where you just want to freeze time, or be able to visit at any moment later in life.  I said to Clarke tonight at dinner, “She is just like a dreamy perfume, you just want to breathe her in so deeply.”  She is beautiful, inside and out, and knowing how long we waited for her, and how much was sacrificed by her birth parents for her to come to us, I feel the significance of that beauty even more.  She is truly a blessing, and how lucky am I to call her my daughter.

IMG_9312 IMG_9188 IMG_9024 IMG_9001

So who in your life brings out the happy-tears for you?  Are you feeling lucky these days?  Reach out and connect below.




  1. Pat Debenham
    August 27, 2016 / 4:25 pm

    You’re such a great writer Marn. At the moment I’m feeling lucky that I have a rich and varied life. Tomatoes to give away, blackberry jam to make and share, fresh daily picked raspberries to put on my cereal and a little cooler weather. Classes to take and to teach and a big ‘beverage’. Not the best for my waist line. The fire pit at night to ‘chill’ and just be mesmerized by. Thanks for an opportunity to reflect of ‘gratefulness.’

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