Thinking About Thursdays: The Rio Olympics, NZ Travel, Doing Good, Going Grey, and Travel Gear

thinking about thursdays

Oops, so this weekly series….. that kind of got derailed by a wonderful trip to visit my family in the USA, and a teething baby, and laziness, and feeling like every post I make has to be something amazing.  So, here I am , back at it again.

Things that have been on my mind lately:

The Olympics!

I love it when the Olympics comes around and we can binge watch television!  The Summer Olympics will now always remind me of being pregnant with Oliver and moving to Florida in 2008.  I was 6-months pregnant when we moved from Southern California to South Florida.  We stayed in a tiny Motel 6 room for a few weeks before we found a place to rent and the Olympics started the weekend that we arrived.  Not knowing anyone or the area at all, I ended up hanging out in the hotel room a lot, watching the Olympics.

It was very interesting watching the Olympics in New Zealand because they focus on very different sports than I am used to.  As an American I’m all about the Gymnastics, Women’s especially, track and field, swimming, etc., but New Zealand isn’t strong in those sports, so we saw a lot of field hockey, golf, rugby, rowing, and sailing!  I seriously love the New Zealand national anthem, and I got the chills watching Peter Burling and Blair Tuke accept the Gold Medal in yachting.  And it was really cool to see a Devonport local Eliza McCartney get a Bronze Medal in pole vaulting (we live just up the road from Devonport).

We did get snippets of the gymnastics, but not as much as I craved.  Isn’t the women’s team amazing?!  And I am kind of obsessed with Simone Biles.  Partly because we only got to see her compete in one event, and I wanted to watch it all, and partly because hello? she is amazing!  And her smile, it is just contagious.

– Did you know that the women’s team wardrobe can cost up to $12,000!  Check out this article from Cosmopolitan about why.
– Simone was adopted by her grandparents and I loved her smackdown of a reporter who refused to call her parents her parents.
– Here is an amazing breakdown of Simone’s beam routine, and why she can even fall, and still win = SUPERWOMAN.

This video breaks down why she is such an amazing gymnast,

Aside from the Olympics other things on my mind…..

New Zealand travel.

I’m starting to plan an Epic South Island Road Trip and it is making me super excited!  I planned the trip last year for January 2016, but we ended up getting a really exciting Christmas present and ended up being in The Marshall Islands adopting Mia.  Just a few of the places I am excited to see:

Doing Good.

I love following UpWorthy’s Facebook feed.  This week they posted about designers who make hospital gowns for sick teenagers.  Who would have ever thought of that, but what an amazing affect on the kids.

Grey Hair.

Or white hair, I should say.  I’m turning 37 in a few weeks.  In the last few years I have definitely begun to notice white hairs creeping in to my mane.  It actually doesn’t bother me, and I am tempted to never dye my hair (I actually never have before), and just let it go white at it’s own pace.  So I was curious about the science behind hair colour and going grey.  Check it out here.

Travel Gear.

And last, being a regular long-haul traveler I’m always on the lookout for travel gear to help make the journey more comfortable.  Last year I bought a memory foam neck pillow at the airport.  I like it enough, but I would be very curious to try this Kickstarter project, The NodPod.  It basically straps your head to the back of your seat.  I’m considering giving to the fund and checking it out for myself.

So there we are folks.  Thinking about Thursday for the week of 25 August 2016.  What are you thinking about this week?  Share in the comments below, or on my Instagram page.



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