Thinking About Thursdays…. What’s on my mind

Ok, I am attempting to start a series just about what is on my radar at the moment, what I am thinking about, what in the news has piqued my interest, etc.  And in my typical style, guess what, it is Friday night and I am finally getting this posted!  So here we go:

thinking about thursdays

  1. Hillary Clinton!  I must admit, I hate the cocaphony of the political system in the United States and I kind of steer clear of it in my media consumption because it drives me batty.  Also, the whole Trump thing seriously brings out the anxiety in me even though I don’t even physically live in the USA anymore.  But, this is not about him, this is about HER.  I watched her speech last night after winning the Democratic nomination for the President of the United State and got chills over and over listening to her.  The significance that she is the first woman to ever be in this position is incredible!  Sometimes I forget that when my Grandpa Deb (the one this blog is named after) was born in 1924 the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (which granted Women the right to vote) had only been ratified for 4 years.  That means his mother grew up without the right to vote.  That is honestly shocking to think about.  So go Hillary!!!  Head here to watch her video.
  2. White Privilege is real, and rape is traumatic.  I have been sick to my stomach reading about about the rape of a California woman and the horrific lack of justice when her rapist was only given a 6-month sentence because according to the judge, “a prison sentence would have a severe impact on him.”  That is the POINT!  Similar cases against black men have resulted in sentences of 15+ years.  To read her response to the rapist go here, it is shocking and graphic, but an poignant.  Go here, here, and here (this one has adult language, but hits home about how ridiculous this case is period, but also from the perspective of a black man), to find articles deconstructing white privilege.  Having a daughter with beautiful cocoa coloured skin has forever changed how I see the world, and I guess it shouldn’t take making it personal, to make it personal, but we have a lot of work to do to create a world where my daughter can not only feel proud of her heritage but not be disadvantaged because of it.
  3. Water and our Oceans have been on my mind a lot since we adopted our beautiful Mia from The Marshall Islands in December.  Watch this video from World Ocean Day 2014 to see how our demand for fish world wide is affecting all the islands of the Pacific.  It is easy in our day-to-day life to not realize how our food choices affect the greater world around us, but if we each find small ways to reduce our environmental footprint we can live more sustainably overall.  Weekday Veg is a fantastic Ted Talk from 2010 that is not geared towards fish consumption, more specifically meat, but the idea is fantastic.  The basic principle is eat vegetarian during the week and on the weekend eat meat, obviously that could just be two days out of seven that you eat meat.  The environmental impacts would be HUGE if masses of people joined in.  I’m not saying you have to such a big change, but at least THINK about the way you are consuming your food.
  4. On the yoga front, I love this article from one of my all-time favourite yoga teachers, Jason Crandall.  He basically says, I taught twists this way for a long time, and now I have changed my mind.  I LOVE this, even if you aren’t a yoga teacher or practitioner it is wonderful to see someone in such a visible position show what we all need more of, adaptability, intuition, and humility.
  5. When I say that Mia is from The Marshall Islands most people don’t know where it is or anything about it, and those that do might have a slight sense they have heard of it but don’t know why.  Most recently things like rising sea levels and drought have put The Marshall Islands in the media, but historically what The Marshall Islands is known for is the Bikini Atoll, and the nuclear testing done there for 12-years between 1946 and 1958.  Check out this Huffington Post article about how even 70-years on, Bikini is still not deemed safe for human habitation.  Think about what that would feel like if you were one of those displaced families, told that you would be able to return soon, and soon never comes.
  6. And last, I am interested in the idea of the Bullet Journal.  I am horrible at productivity.  My life could be a study in un-productivity.  Sometimes I wonder if I had some fancy app that I could tell myself what to do with, if I might suddenly become some “better” (i.e. more productive) version of myself, but let’s just be honest, it’s not the product, it’s the person behind it!  I am good at making little lists of things (and then misplacing them, or just outright ignoring them), so maybe the Bullet Journal might be more up my alley?

There are certainly more things on my mind, but since it is past 12:00 and my baby still wakes in the night, and we are having our social worker in from overseas this weekend I need to go to bed!

Hope this gives you some food for thought.  Comment and let me know what you think.



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