Thinking About Thursday: Salt Art, Happy Music, Meditation, Amazing Humans

thinking about thursdays

So, I actually sat down to do this post on Thursday night, but something went funky with my internet and I decided bed would be a better option.  So here is the Sunday night version of “Thinking About Thursdays.”

So what things are passing through this busy mind of mine this week?  Lots of random bits and bobs, or as Oliver used to say, “bips and bops.”

  • Dead Sea Salt Art


This article on Bored Panda about an artist who left a dress in the Dead Sea for two months was fascinating.  A) Who thinks of these things?  (Sigalit Landau apparently) And B) How gorgeous is it?  And by the way, if you want to get sucked down the rabbit hole of fascinating yet completely unneccessary information about all sorts of randomness in the world, head to Bored Panda.

  • Heal the World Cover

    This YouTube video of Michael Jackson’s Heal the World cover gave me the chills today!  Such a powerful message made even more powerful by children singing them.

  • 10% Happier: Meditation for Skeptics

    I’ve started trolling Stitcher for new podcasts to listen to and came across The Crave Cast by Alex Jamieson.  I loved this one featuring Dan Harris on Meditation for Skeptics.  It’s a great listen and his idea of helping meditation appeal to more than the “woo woo” crowd is genius.  He has an App called 10% Happier that I am keen to try out.  Again, I love the real-ness of it all, will meditation make your life bliss?  No.  But it can make your life 10% Happier.  Check it out.

  • BBC Human Planet

    bbc human planet bayaka honey
    We have been watching The BBC’s Human Planet Series on our Family Movie nights and we are all CAPTIVATED!  It looks at how humans live in all sorts of environments.  This last weekend we watched Arctic: Life in the Deep Freeze and Jungles: People of the Trees.  Oh my goodness!  Every single time we watch this show Clarke and I keep saying to ourselves, “I have never even heard of this!”  Narhwal hunting from a kayak with a spear.  Searching for mussels at low tide, under frozen ice layers, and if the tide comes in and you aren’t out, you are dead.  Climbing 40-metres/130-feet up a tree to harvest wild honey, risking death to bring your family vital calories, incredible!  I just kept laughing and saying to Clarke, “I would be dead!  I would be too lazy/scared/cold/etc. to get food in these environments, so I would be dead!”  And Clarke just laughed right along with me, because he knows its true.  This is honestly a MUST WATCH series!  You can get it on Amazon.

    There is more floating around my brain, but honestly not at the moment because I have a teething baby!  So on that note, I’m signing off Folks.  Hope this gives you some food for thought this week.  Tell me, what are you thinking about this week?  Leave a comment below or on my Instagram account.



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