Thinking About Thursday: World Peace Day


Wow, I have a lot more than this running through my mind this week, but this video just stopped me in my tracks and brought me to tears.

Today is supposed to be World Peace Day. How can this exist in the world on World Peace Day?

I must admit, I don’t watch the News ever.  I listen to the News a lot when I am driving, BBC World is my cup of tea, so it’s not like I haven’t heard about the conflict in Syria, but seeing it is so visceral.  This video gave me the chills and literally brought me to tears.  Watching that sweet baby crying with no one to comfort her, and then to see her mother’s body draped in a blue cloth, blood creeping out from under the edges, I cannot imagine living in such circumstances.

How is it that my life is so abundant, so good, so PEACE-ful?  Why should this sweet child have to live with such violence and fear?  Why is my sweet daughter safe in my arms, and this baby has lost her mother forever?  There is no equity.

Be grateful for all that you have, all that you are, all that you can hope for in the future.  You life a blessed life, take it in, do something with it that will make this world, this crazy, unsettled, unstable world, more calm, more stable, more PEACE-ful.




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